How To Join
To become a member, complete a member identification and verification form, pay a $1.00 membership fee and deposit at least $50.00 into your share account. A member needs to have a minimum of $100.00 in their share account in order to earn dividends.

Field of Membership
Persons who live, work, worship, attend school and immediate family located in the West Maui District.


Pioneer-MillOn January 18th, 1938, 18 employees of the Pioneer Mill Company, Ltd. Petitioned to the Farm Credit Administration to organize a credit union to make available for people of small means a way of accumulating their savings and creating a source of credit for loans. They received approval on January 28th, 1938 and became a federally chartered credit union under the name Pioneer Mill Federal Credit Union. The credit union’s field of membership included employees of the Pioneer Mill Company, Ltd., Lahaina Ice Company, and their immediate family members.

In 1999, the Pioneer Mill Company decided to shut down and no longer produce sugar on Maui. Realizing that this would ultimately lead to the demise of the credit union, the Board of Directors quickly requested to expand their field of membership to all of West Maui Community. This would include all those who live, work in, attend school, and worship in the West Maui District. Approval for the change in charter was granted in July 2000, and the credit union’s name was changed to West Maui Community Federal Credit Union. At that time the credit union had $17.9 million in assets and 1,816 members.

Today, the credit union has a brand new office, $35 million in assets and almost 3,000 members. Our mission is to promote thrift among our members by affording them an opportunity to accumulate their savings, and to create for them a source of funds for provident or productive purposes. As a community-based financial institution locally owned and operated by our members, our purpose is to provide the best financial support and a competitively priced complete line of financial products and services, while at the same time maintaining an adequate capital base. WMCFCU provides members with affordable financial services and education in a welcoming and familiar cultural environment.

West Maui Community Federal Credit Union has a community common bond serving people who live, work, and/or worship in the West Maui District and is a low income designated. WMCFCU will continually play a leadership role in the communities it serves by providing high quality, personal services in a friendly environment. WMCFCU will respect and embody the credit union philosophy of “People Helping People”.