Effective 07/1/15

Credit Union Membership
Membership Share (par value)

Membership Fee (Non-refundable)

Below Par Value Fee


Share Draft Account Fees

$25.00 per item
Stop Payment fee

$20.00 per item
Share Draft Printing fee

Prices vary depending on style
Overdraft Transfer fee

Share Draft Copy fee

$2.00 per copy

Preauthorized EFT Fees
ACH Overdraft

$25.00 per item
ACH Stop Payment fee

$20.00 per item
Ach Return fee

$25.00 per item

Visa Debit Card Fees

$25.00 per item
Card Replacement

Lost/Stolen Card “Hot Card”

PIN Reissue

Rush Priority Reissue

Debit Dispute of Valid Charge

$20.00 per item
ATM Transaction fee

$1.00 After 6th transaction per month
No Surcharge ATM Networks:
American Savings Bank
First Hawaiian Bank
Maui County FCU

Other Service Fees (Applicable to all accounts)
Teller Check Inquiry fee

$1.50 per item
Teller Check Stop Payment fee

$35.00 per item
Account Reconciliation/Research fee

$15.00 per hour
Acct Activity/Statement Copy fee

$2.00 per copy
Deposited Item Return fee

$20.00 per item
Wire Transfer (incoming) fee

Wire Transfer (outgoing) fee

Legal fees (ie. Granishments and levies)

Non-current Address fee

Inactive Account fee

$2.00/month after 2 years of inactivity
Account Closure fee

$25.00 if closed within the first six (6) months
Teller Check fee (to third party)

$2.00/item (<65yrs)

Photo Copies

Account Verification

Account re-opening fee within 12 months